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Drug Aware Margaret River Pro – Worth the Drive?

2014 Drug Aware Margaret River Pro – Is It Worth the Drive from Perth?

If you live in Perth and you love world class sport, is it worth taking a trip to Margaret River to check out the 2014 Drug Aware Margaret River Pro?

If you don’t know what ‘The Pro’ is, From April 2-13 Margaret River will host the world’s best surfers, in fact this year the event has been elevated to WCT status, meaning for the first time all of the best surfers must compete in Margaret River.

Surfing at the Margaret River Pro

Spectacular surfing at the Margaret River Pro


It may be difficult to believe but there are some people in Margaret River that do not surf – when I look in the mirror there is one looking back at me, so I have no particular interest in the sport or event, at least I didn’t .

Anyone that has done one of our Margaret River wine tours has probably picked up that we are a little obsessed with 2 things, wine & sport.  So, a few years ago I decided to grab my camera and head down to Surfer’s Point to have a look for the very first time at competition surfing.


These guys and girls are world class athletes, they are accessible and unlike many other athletes they are amazingly friendly.

During the early rounds when there are not many spectators I recommend watching from the beach, its a great view and you might just find yourself having a chat with one of the competitors.

IMG_1139 - Copy

Kelly Slater hasn’t had a win in the competition, but he has certainly won over a whole generation of kids (a few old blokes as well).

Seriously, in what other sport can the fans get access like this to the ‘Greatest Ever’, can you imagine school kids hanging out with Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryant, Lionel Messi, Sebastian Vettel or Venus Williams just seconds after they finish an event.

Speaking of school kids, this was a school day, I would love to see the note that was sent to explain this absence.

The result is simple, I go back every year with my camera (if I get a day of work), trying to look like I belong on the beach with my glow in the dark complexion.

I would encourage anyone in Perth that is thinking about making the trip to jump in the car and head on down to check out the 2014 Drug Aware Margaret River Pro.

You don’t need to love surfing to absolutely love this event.

Margaret River Pro wipeout

Even the best get it wrong sometimes


Check the weather report and competition details before heading south and if you do make the journey why not post a photo of yourself at the event on our facebook page.

ASP 2014 Drug Aware Margaret River Pro

Margaret River Surf Report


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